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Natura 2000 - Fascinating Wetlands of Wales

Wales has some of the best lowland wetlands in Europe, 11 of which are specially protected as Natura 2000 sites. Wetlands were once widespread but drainage and agriculture have left us with just a few surviving remnants. The wet acidic conditions create peat which builds up over tens of thousands of years, locking away carbon and helping us to reduce greenhouse gases, but damage to these habitats can release this carbon and cause them to dry out. They are also a paradise for wildlife, rich in plants, insects and birds. It is therefore important to manage these habitats carefully to both protect the wildlife and to benefit from the protection from flooding and climate change. The LIFE Natura 2000 Programme has produced costed action plans for every Wetland Natura 2000 site in Wales, planning for the future and helping to obtain vital funds.

to find out more about the LIFE Natura 2000 programme please go to wwww.naturalresources.wales/LIFEN2K


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