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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 00:00

Rheinauen bei Rastatt (The “Floodplains of the river Rhine near Rastatt” )

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The “Floodplains of the river Rhine near Rastatt” are one of the most valuable natural assets in the administrative district of Karlsruhe. In this area a large LIFE+ nature conservation projet startet in February 2011: Investing about 9.4 Mio Euro the floodplains of the rivers Rhein and Murg are going to be improved, becoming again more natural, valuable and interesting for both man and nature. "The word "LIFE" perfectly matches the objective...

... of our project: the life and the living creatures in the Rhine floodplain. In the present context, however, the word LIFE is a financial instrument of the European Union promoting environmental projects. LIFE is the abbrevation of the french term L`Instrument Financier pour l`Environnement. Projects which have been or will be applied for between 2007 and 2013 can be identified from the “+” after the term LIFE. An extra budget, called “LIFE+ Natur”, is provided for nature conservation projects.

As one of the criteria for the sponsorship of "LIFE+ Natur" the project area has to be part of the European protection network “Natura 2000”. Additionally, the intended measures have to support the protection of endangered species or habitats according to the Wild Birds and Habitats Directives. Since 1992 nature conservation projects have been promoted by LIFE in Germany – so far their number reaches at least 42 of them. In 2010 the promotion of LIFE project “Lebendige Rheinauen bei Karlsruhe” ended, but now again substantial financial means of the EU are being allocated for the conservation and development of biological diversity along the river Rhine."

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