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Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory

The Observatory is made up of streams around Llyn Brianne, in central Wales, where data on organisms, chemistry and climate have been collected since 1981. The Observatory’s design – with replicate streams in contrasting land use and of different chemical character – make it unique. The record of change is among the World’s oldest of its type.

Originally established to investigate acid rain, the Observatory has since pioneered research into the effects of land use, pollution and global change on stream biodiversity, ecological function and ecosystem services.

Our intention is that the Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory will continue well into the future to provide evidence crucial to solving the challenges facing uplands environments. Through its high quality science, we want the Observatory to support researchers, land managers, environmental charities, statutory organisations and communities in using these natural assets wisely and for a sustainable future.


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  • Location: Museum Avenue Cardiff, CF10 3AX
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