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A breakthrough in water resources management occurred in 1961 when President Kennedy and the governors of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York for the first time signed concurrent compact legislation into law creating a regional body with the force of law to oversee a unified approach to managing a river system without regard to political boundaries...

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The Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) was formed in 1996 to provide an ongoing forum for cooperation on water quality protection and water resource planning and management within the 770-square-mile watershed. Seven (of the 8) municipalities, 6 counties, and local Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the watershed voluntarily formed the Association. Click on "read more" for further information...

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The Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA is one of 13 Catchment Management Authorities in NSW established under the Catchment Management Authorities Act, 2003 the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA is responsible for engaging with its local communities in the management of the catchment's natural resources. We do this by implementing the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA Catchment Action Plan, known as the "CAP".

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The Great Artesian Basin Coordinating Committee (GABCC) was established early in 2004 to replace the Great Artesian Basin Consultative Council, which had ceased operation in December 2002. The primary role of GABCC is to provide advice from community organisations and agencies to Ministers on efficient, effective and sustainable whole-of-resource management and to coordinate activity between stakeholders.

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