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The Elbe River, with its length of 1 094 km from the springs in the Krkonose Mountains to the North Sea mouth at Cuxhaven and with its catchment area of 148 268 km2, is the fourth biggest river in Europe; after the Donau (817 000 km2), the Visla (194 112 km2), and the Rhine (183 800 km2). The Elbe River basin spans four countries: its largest parts lie in Germany (65.5 %) and in the Czech Republic (33.7 %), tiny parts lie in Austria (0.6 %) and in Poland (0.2 %).

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The success of watershed groups is often dependent on cooperative partnerships built on understanding, trust and respect. Because they reflect the needs of the community, on-the-ground projects encompass a wide variety of natural resource issues, but often include a strong education and outreach component. Projects include water quality monitoring, strategies for living with wildlife, noxious weed management, habitat restoration, ...

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Agence du bassin hydraulique de la Moulouya

Instituée par le décret n°2-00-475 du 14 novembre 2000 pris en application de l’article 20 de la loi 10/95 sur l’eau. Situé à l’Est du Royaume, le bassin de l’oued Moulouya s’étend sur une superficie d’environ 57.500km², drainant les eaux du Rif oriental et du Moyen Atlas à l’Ouest, et du Haut Atlas au Sud. Il se caractérise par un climat aride à semi-aride, ses ressources en eau sont limitées, ...

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The Bear River Commission's Website

The Bear River Commission was created in 1958 pursuant to the Bear River Compact (as amended PL 96-189) between the states of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. The Commission is composed of nine gubernatorial appointed Commissioners, three from each of the signatory states, as well as a Federal Commissioner appointed by the President, who serves as Chairman without vote.

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The Zambezi River Authority

VISION: "To be the premier organ for harnessing and managing the Zambezi waters for economic and social development"

MISSION STATEMENT: "We at the Zambezi River Authority commit ourselves to satisfying all our stakeholders through purposefully and sustainably exploiting the natural advantages offered by the Zambezi River"

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