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The Prut River is the last major tributary of the Danube, with its confluence just upstream of the Danube Delta – but several programmes in three countries are working to make river basin management in the Prut Basin priority. A number of initiatives are currently taking place across the Prut River Basin. From workshops to case studies, there is a focus on strengthening the capacity of the Prut River Basin countries...
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The Hawk Creek Watershed Project

The Hawk Creek Watershed drains approximately 623,105 acres (974 square miles) of land in Chippewa, Kandiyohi, and Renville Counties. It is comprised of a main tributary (Hawk Creek) and several other streams that flow directly into the Minnesota River. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used to protect and/or restore areas with water quality, erosion, and water quantity problems.
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Global water resources face new challenges in the coming decades that entail a renewed role for water policy analysis. Scarcity, growing populations, and massive water development projects have led to keen competition over water resources. Climate change is expected to further reduce the availability of water resources and increase the variability in water supplies in some regions...

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