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Serkap River, Sumatra's Hidden Paradise

The forest, river, and peat swamp in Serkap River is a vital ecosystem and a pocket of the world's biodiversity. It is a place where a new species of fish was discovered. In addition, sustainable management of its fisheries sector can provide sustainable livelihoods for the community. The peat swamp forest of the Kampar Peninsula currently stores 7 billion tons of carbon, an asset to save the global climate. The peat swamp ecosystem can adapt to varying extreme conditions, such as seasonal fluctuations of water surface, acidic water, and low soil nutrients. This condition makes the biota that live here cannot be found in other areas. Directed and edited by Nanang Sujana and produced by Yayasan Mitra Insani with a support from TFCA.


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  • Location: 0.3552789,102.3929624
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