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Red River Basin Organisation

The Red River Basin Organization (RRBO) is a non-profit body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Viet Nam. The RRBO was established on April 9 2001 according to the Decision No. 39/2001 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. Dr. Pham Hong Giang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is Chairman of the RRBO.

The Red River system is the second largest river system in Vietnam. The Red River is an international river which originates in China and runs through Laos and Vietnam before flowing into the East Sea. The total area of the entire river basin is approximately 169,020 km2, including 81,240 km2 (or 48%) in Chinas territory, 1,100km2 (0.65%) in Laos’ territory and 86,660km2 (51.35%) in Vietnam’s territory.


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