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Making the Sewer a River Again - Why Mumbai must reclaim its Mithi

This documentary film is based on a comprehensive study by a team of ORF researchers on the shocking mismanagement of the Mithi by the authorities and her abuse by Mumbaikars over the years. Its narrative combines facts with compelling visual evidence to show how the Mithi became a sewer -- and offers recommendations on how it can be turned into a pristine river again. With key lessons from the best practices on river restoration and waterfront development from around the world and in India, this study presents a grand vision for the Mithi of tomorrow as the centrepiece of Mumbai's own urban renewal.

A film by Riddhi J Chokhawala, Gautam Kirtane and Dhaval Desai

About ORF Mumbai:

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is a non-partisan Think Tank that seeks to influence public policy formulation. ORF Mumbai is engaged in study and advocacy activities in six broad areas: Education, Public Health, Inclusive Development, Urban Renewal, Youth Development and Promotion of India's Priceless Artistic and Cultural Heritage.


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