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La Réserve Naturelle Nationale des Nouragues

La Réserve Naturelle Nationale des Nouragues est située en GUYANE FRANÇAISE. Elle protège plus de 105 000 hectares de forêt tropicale humide. Sur un total de 165 Réserves Naturelles Nationales (en 2013) la réserve des Nouragues est ainsi la deuxième plus grande réserve de France.
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The Androscoggin Land Trust

The Androscoggin Land Trust is a private, non-profit membership-supported organization dedicated to protecting, through land conservation and stewardship, the important natural areas, traditional landscapes, and outdoor experience in the Androscoggin River watershed. "We currently conserve approximately 5,000 acres of land, including over ten miles of riverfront along the Androscoggin River. ...
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Preserving and studying natural processes and phenomena, genetic fund of flora and fauna, of certain types of communities of plants and animals, typical and unique ecological systems mountains Kuznetsky Alatau included in the mountain taiga system Sayan (black taiga and alpine biogeocenosis) ...
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Reserve "Khakassia" (Siberia)

Major work on the organization of protected areas in Khakassia began in 70-ies. In 1981 a special expedition of the Institute of Evolutionary Morphology and Ecology, USSR Academy of Sciences under the guidance of Academician EE Syroechkovsky conducted a survey of a number of sites in the steppe of Khakassia and Tuva to create steppe reserves....
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