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The Okavango Delta Management Plan (ODMP) Project

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The Okavango Delta was declared a wetland of international importance when the Government of Botswana ratified the Ramsar Convention in April 1997. The Okavango Delta which forms part of the trans-boundary Okavango River Basin is one of the most exclusive tourist attractions of the world due to its relatively pristine condition and rich wildlife. Okavango River basin is shared by Angola, Namibia and Botswana, and terminates its flow in Botswana forming the Okavango Delta. In the basin there are many transboundary, national and local issues that needs to be addressed through collaboration, information exchange, sharing of experiences and lessons. The Okavango Delta Management Plan (ODMP) Project was formally established in April 2002 to integrate resource management for the Okavango Delta ensuring its long-term conservation and providing benefits for the present and future well being of the people through sustainable use of its resources.


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