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Selati Olifants River Spill

On the 30th December 2013, fishermen noticed something very strange near the Selati-Olifants Confluence -- a major fish die off! Despite the unusually heavy rains that would have normally flushed the river system clean, it started producing dead fish everywhere. Concerned Kruger Park staff got wind of the news and immediately launched an investigation into the cause of the die-off. The specialists soon found that the water was extremely acidic with a pH equivalent to that of battery acid! Soon after, a fertilizer manufacturing plant admitted that they had experienced an overflow in one of their holding dams due to the heavy rainfall. We investigate the issue further and try to assess the long-term effects this pollution will have on the river. With climate change predicting more heavy rainfall events in the future, could this be just the beginning of more situations like these?


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  • Location: -23.9801409,31.1168756
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