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Monday, 20 June 2016 07:54

Bwabwata-Okavango Ramsar site launched by Environment Minister

Honourable Uahekua Herunga, Environment and Tourism Minister on Friday launched Namibia's fifth Ramsar Site of Importance. This site known as the Bwabwata-Okavango Ramsar site is located within the Bwabwata National Part in eastern Kavango . The designation of the Bwabwata-Okavango wetland as a Ramsar site of international importance means the site is globally important and requires that the use of the wetland and other associated resources is done wisely to sustain the Eco system and those that depend on it.

As Namibia is regarded as one of the most arid countries south of the Sahara, the value of wetlands are of significance to the country. The Ramsar Convention signed in 1975 focussed on protecting wetlands as habits for wetland bird species but has since then expanded to include all aspects of wetland conservation and sustainable use. Namibia already has four wetlands listed as wetlands of international importance, namely Etosha Pan, Walvisbay lagoon, Orange river mouth and Sandwhich harbour.

The designation will further require Namibia, as a party to the Ramsar Convention, to promote the conservation of the site and other wetlands in the country.


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