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Almost 40 years ago, Revelle and Lakshminarayana (1975) coined the term “Ganges Water Machine” trying to find a solution to the fundamental problem of land and water development in the Ganges, where 80% of the monsoon-driven river flow occurs during 4 months from July to October. The dry-season flow of the Ganges in the 1970s was already barely sufficient for irrigation needs of India and Bangladesh, ...
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South Santiam Watershed Council

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The South Santiam Watershed is situated in the Central Cascades and flows into the Willamette Valley. It drains approximately 1,040 square miles in area. With steep, mountainous terrain in the east and a low floodplain to the west, the watershed is characterized by much variation in elevation, ecoregions, and land use practices. The watershed supports three communities...
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