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The Puniu River flows from within the Pureora Forest, past four Marae: Mangatoatoa, Rawhitiroa, Aotearoa and Whakamarama through to Pirongia where it meets the Waipo River. It is a Waikato River tributory and at 57kms long, is one of the longest secondary tributaries in New Zealand. The Puniu river holds a cultural significance to local marae hapu and iwi. The river gets its name from the Patupaiarehe (Maori mythical being of human form) that travelled down the river from the Pureora Forest seeking knowledge of the future by supernatural means.

Thank you for your interest in Tongariro National Park and in our work in support of this special dual World Heritage site. Project Tongariro (Tongariro Natural History Society Inc) was established to promote a wider understanding of the natural processes and human history of Tongariro National Park.

Information about the extent and types of wetlands, threats to wetlands and how to restore them. Information about fresh water quality monitoring along the Waikato River and regional rivers. nformation about the region's groundwater resources and use, and the effects of land use on groundwater. Find out about region's lakes, how we protect them and restore those with poor water quality.

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