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The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board

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The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board was established to ensure integrated management of the principal reservoirs of the Ottawa River Basin. The goal of this integrated management is to provide protection against flooding and maintain the interests of the various users particularly in hydro-electric energy production.
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There is something inherently fascinating about maps. They invite the eye to roam free and resonate perhaps with our ancient hunter-gatherer instincts. Maps tell stories of what was and what could be. They can represent the world around us in ways we never imagined so that something as prosaic as which way the wind blows becomes a view into an alternate universe. Maps can make subway routes a work of art and reveal relationships we never knew existed.
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The lower part of the Dong Nai River supplies water to Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces and feeds a hydropower plant in the Tri An reservoir, but has been polluted by wastewater runoff from agriculture, aquaculture, industry and built-up areas (Ha et al. 2008).

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The Peace Valley Environment Association

"We will preserve and protect the Peace River Valley watershed by all lawful means."

This website celebrates the life of the Peace River, gratefully acknowledges the diversity it nourishes, and seeks human support to protect and sustain all that depends on it. We invite you to explore the Peace River with us, learn about its history, and discover why we love it so much.

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