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Ussuri (Wusuli) (6)

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A complex wetland system including grassland, marshes, lakes, and forests, contiguous with Russia to the south across the Songacha River. The site, at the northern end of the large lake, provides important breeding habitat for a number of globally threatened species, including the endangered Grus japonensis,

The Russian portion of an extensive coastline, a transborder freshwater lake (with China), and adjacent floodplains, subject to periodic fluctuations. A diverse aquatic and marsh vegetation is supported, as are several relict plant species surviving since the Tertiary era. An important area for breeding, feeding and staging birds, including globally threatened and endemic species.

Lake Xingkai/Khanka is located on the border of the People’s Republic of China (China) and the Russian Federation (Russia). It is the largest lake in Northeast Asia, as well as a transboundary waterbody between China and Russia. The lake is called Lake Xingkai in China and Khanka Lake in Russia.

Lake Khanka is a Ramsar site.

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