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"FRWA leads in addressing Farmington River issues such as water quality, water allocation, habitat restoration, recreation, open space, and wetland and floodplain protection. We work with federal, state and local governments, business and industry, and with people in the watershed’s 33 communities to protect the river and its surrounding landscape.

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The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority is one of the 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. It has jurisdiction over watersheds of all streams draining into the Thames River from Delaware to Lake St. Clair. The Southern boundary includes the watersheds of streams draining into Lake Erie, from the Talbot Creek watershed in the east,...

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Photo : NASA

Yamal Peninsula in Siberia has recently become world famous. Spectacular sinkhole, appeared as out of nowhere in the permafrost of the area, sparking the speculations of significant release of greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere...

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