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Friends of the Yampa

The Friends of the Yampa is a river advocacy group and movement based on one common passion, a shared love for the Yampa River. "Our mission is to protect and enhance the river’s environmental and recreational integrity through stewardship, advocacy, education and partnerships"
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Johnson Creek Watershed Council

A narrow ribbon of green and blue, Johnson Creek flows 26 miles from its headwaters near Boring, Oregon to where it meets the Willamette River, passing through forests, farms, golf courses, parks and natural areas, industrial stretches, alongside trails and through residential communities.
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Amigos de los humedales del Sur de Alicante

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AHSA somos una asociación conservacionista fundada en el año 1995 con el objetivo de promover actividades para la conservación, estudio y divulgación de los valores naturales y paisajísticos de los humedales del sur de Alicante, teniendo como ámbito de actuación tres comarcas ...

William Tozer is the Moose Riverkeeper. The Moose River basin has been home to the Moose Cree for thousands of years. The Cree call their home Mushkegowuk. In many ways, this is the economic birthplace of modern Canada, a rich ecosystem that includes, in part, a teeming wildlife population of black bear, woodland caribou, ...
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Lake Winnipeg Foundation (LWF)

LWF is an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) seeking solutions to ensure a clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg and watershed now and for future generations. Founded in 2005 as a volunteer coalition of concerned lake-lovers, LWF today is emerging as a leading organization working collaboratively with non-profit, academic, industry and government sectors and the public to restore and protect our great lake.

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