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Flint Riverkeeper: Fighting to Protect Our Flint River

Despite its humble origins below the Atlanta airport, the Flint River is undeniably one of the South's most precious natural resources. Generations have enjoyed the river as a resource to water communities, farms and industry alike, but also as an opportunity to experience the natural world through hunting, fishing, swimming and paddling.

With 220 undammed river miles, the Flint is one of only 40 rivers left in the United States that flow for more than 200 miles unimpeded. Recent legislative efforts to dam a 50-mile stretch of the Flint to create a supply reservoir for Atlanta’s burgeoning water crisis have earned the Flint River the #2 spot on the list of Top Ten Most Endangered Rivers, published by American Rivers. To learn more about this story you can read about the top 10 most endangered rivers in America on CNN.com.


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