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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 04:00

Decision Center for a Desert City : Phoenix Arizona - Colorado Basin - WaterSim model

Conducting climate, water, and decision research and developing innovative tools to bridge the boundary between scientists and decision makers and put our work into the hands of those whose concern is for the sustainable future of Greater Phoenix.

To better understand how these uncertainties affect the complex tasks of water resources management, the Decision Center for a Desert City has been using a water and supply demand model, called WaterSim This model has been implemented for the Central Arizona region and used primarily in four ways: Understand the dynamic nature of managing a complex water supply and demand system for urban regions.

*Explore the effectiveness of various water management policies.

*Explore the uncertainty of regional growth and climate change by understanding the impact different growth and climate change

*scenarios may have on the region’s complex water system and management policies.

*Explore how people make decisions for highly complex problems that are subject to high uncertainty.


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