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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:38

Moose Riverkeeper - Working to protect the Moose Watershed

William Tozer is the Moose Riverkeeper. The Moose River basin has been home to the Moose Cree for thousands of years. The Cree call their home Mushkegowuk. In many ways, this is the economic birthplace of modern Canada, a rich ecosystem that includes, in part, a teeming wildlife population of black bear, woodland caribou, ...
..marten, beaver, wolf, fox, lynx, moose, sturgeon, pickerel, northern pike, whitefish, and numerous varieties of trout. Due to the rich animal life, in the 1600’s the Hudson Bay Company incorporated what are now two of the oldest existing communities in Ontario in Moose Factory and Fort Albany. This area was the economic engine that drove the Hudson Bay Company expansion west. Historically, the European/Aboriginal co-existence was mostly peaceful, the local Cree teaching the Europeans how to not just survive on the land, but to prosper...

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