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Water Undone: The Efforts to Save the Puyallup River Watershed

The Puyallup River watershed is a major source of fresh water into Puget Sound through Commencement Bay in Tacoma. But it suffers from a multitude of pollution problems, including policies on "land use favoring paving and shingles," as detailed in this documentary from UW Tacoma. The program takes viewers through the interwoven watershed-river system that supplies water for drinking, irrigation, recreation, food, wildlife and the natural beauty of the Northwest. It explains how spreading urbanization threatens the Puget Sound area's water supply and lays out the case for improvement: to clean up Puget Sound, start with the watersheds.

Lorin Reinelt, watershed coordinator, Pierce County Surface Water Management

Linda Ellefson, citizen activist, Dead Man's Pond

Jeanne Fancher, citizen activist, Friends of the Lower White River

Harold Smelt, manager, Water Programs, Pierce County Surface Water Management

John O'Loughlin, division manager, Science and Engineering, City of Tacoma

Cindy Beckett, citizen activist, Midland Residents Association

Russ Ladley, resource protection manager, Puyallup Tribal Fisheries

Char Naylor, water quality manager, Puyallup Tribal Fisheries

Dave Seabrook, chair, Puyallup River Watershed Council

Jayne Gordon, stream team coordinator, Pierce Conservation District

Barbara Skinner, former mayor, City of Sumner

Michael Shaw, environmental program manager, Port of Tacoma

Bob Freitag, director, Institute of Hazards Mitigation Planning and Research, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Washington

Larry Dominguez, fish ecologist, WA Department of Natural Resources

Cindy James, TMDL coordinator, Water Quality Program, WA Department of Ecology

Tom Loranger, section manager, Water Resources Program, WA Department of Ecology

Sue Mauermann, director, Environmental Programs, Port of Tacoma

Ryan Mello


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