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Fossil Water: The Ogallala Aquifer

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Some West Texas farmers are frustrated with the state over new groundwater regulations, which cap the amount of water they can pump from the Ogallala aquifer.

Texas Water - Foundations: Aquifers of Texas

Texas Water - Part 4 - Divining the Future: Groundwater Conservation Districts - Texas Cooperative Extension 2003 - DVD SP147 - Three informational videos are contained on this DVD. They are Foundations: Aquifers of Texas; Crossroads: Texas Water Law; and Divining the Future: Groundwater Conservation Districts. The three videos explore a wide range of issues related to managing the groundwater resources of Texas. Features Bruce J. Lesikar. Posted with permission of the author.

Texas Water :

The battle over the proposed 1,700 mile Keystone XL pipeline has raged across the political corridors of the nation's capitol. But in the pristine prairies of the upper Midwest, ranchers on the frontlines have been equally engaged in the fight. At stake is the country's most important groundwater resource—the Ogallala Aquifer—which provides drinking water to residents in eight states and is the sustaining force for much of America's breadbasket.


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