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Omo - Lake Turkana (9)

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Friends of Lake Turkana Trust was established in October 2009 with the objective of strengthening and advancing the environment and natural resources agenda in the Turkana basin. The organization is registered as a Trust and consists of a volunteer Executive Committee, which oversees the everyday functioning of the organization.

The tribes have lived in this area for centuries and have developed techniques to survive in a challenging environment. Various regional and international organisations believe that the Gibe III Dam will have catastrophic consequences for the tribes of the Omo River, who already live close to the margins of life in this dry and challenging area.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) affirms hydropower generation is a renewable technology viable on large scales, the least costly way of storing large amount of electricity with insignificant amounts of greenhouse gases emissions, etc.

The most saline of Africa's large lakes, Turkana is an outstanding laboratory for the study of plant and animal communities. The three National Parks serve as a stopover for migrant waterfowl and are major breeding grounds for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of venomous snakes. The Koobi Fora deposits, rich in mammalian, molluscan and other fossil remains, have contributed more to the understanding of paleo-environments than any other site on the continent.

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