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Lake Chad: The Disappearing Resource of a Desperate People

M. Hargrave& J. Shelton


Abstract: Lake Chad is a vital water resource in Africa, shared by five countries and thirty million people who depend on the food and water resources the lake provides. However, the lake is shrinking rapidly due to a combination of natural rainfall variability, unsustainable human water use, and the negative impacts of climate change due to historical greenhouse gas emissions. The main purpose of this video is to identify the global environmental injustices associated with the shrinking of Lake Chad, including the inadequate distributive and procedural justice structures plaguing the region. A prominent issue is that the region is experiencing climate change catalyzing the shrinking of their vital resource, though the people of the Lake Chad Basin have no responsibility for the activities that caused said climate change to occur. These flawed structures inhibit the ability of communities to effectively adapt to the increasing scarcity of the resource, and do little to prevent increased competition. The video highlights the injustices through incidences of migration and border conflicts between displaced Nigerians and Cameroonians in Darak, Cameroon. We hope this video will bring awareness to viewers about the dire situation in the Lake Chad Basin, and aids the Lake Chad Basin Commission in its current attempts to gain global awareness and support for future projects to replenish the lake.


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