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Concerted efforts to restore lake Naivasha's fragile ecosystem (Ramsar Site)

Concerted efforts to restore lake naivasha's fragile ecosystem are in place following massive fish deaths reported last year. But the challenge remains sustaining the rehabilitation tempo and keeping the lake out of harm's way. Eco-journal takes a look at how various organizations are converging to restore the haven of nature back to its glory.(Source : Eco Journal)

Lake Naivasha is a unique wetland of international importance (a Ramsar Site) which supports important economic activities including intensive horticultural and floricultural production, livestock production, tourism, geothermal power generation, tourism and service industries. This presents an immense challenge in the management of the lake so that the lake and its associated resources are used in a sustainable way. Current indications are that all is not well. The combined impact of high (and as yet unlimited) abstraction, high nutrient loading, loss of aquatic vegetation (due to introduced species) and loss of terrestrial lakeshore vegetation has resulted in lower lake levels and a higher risk of the lake becoming eutrophic. The long term sustainability of the lake and the economic activities that it supports are at serious risk (Source : Plan - Naivasha Basin - 2010-2012 - Water Resources Management Authority - Kenya)


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