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Water, the diamond of Darfur

The lack of water is one of the reasons of the conflict in Darfur (West Sudan). In this region of the country, the rainy season takes just two or three months and, for the rest of the year, people has to survive with short resources. While a US citizen spends 400 liters per day, a whole family in Darfur have to manage with less than 150. The rainfall is very scarce. It varies from 500 millimeters in the southern part of Darfur to 200 millimeters a year in the northern part of Darfur. And when it rains, it does very little in terms of concentration. So it is dry and the whole areas is covered with little very scant vegetation. The tribes has been fighting to each other for this big resource (among others), searching for good locations to survive. The water has been always the desired diamond in Darfur. According to a report dating back to 1999 and sponsored by the UN Development Program, fighting over limited resources as the scarcity of water, over the next 25 years, will possibly be the leading reason for major conflicts in Africa, not oil.

Directed, filmed, edited, written and photography by: Albert Gonzalez Farran / www.albertgonzalez.net


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