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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 00:00

Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC)

Lake Victoria Region Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC) is a network organization of local authorities around Lake Victoria with its regional secretariat in Entebbe, Uganda. LVRLAC was founded in 1997...

... to coordinate and strengthen collaborative efforts by Local Authorities within the Lake Victoria Basin to sustainably harness the region's resources and promote the well being of the riparian communities. LVRLAC is now one of the most dynamic and robust network of grassroots governments closest to the communities and a major developmental actor in the Lake Victoria basin. Learn more about our aims and goals. LVRLAC has a current membership of 113 local authorities cutting across three countries namely Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that share Lake Victoria, with prospective membership from Burundi and Rwanda. Below you can see the member countries. The countries will lead you to a complete list of the members in a given country and their brief profile.


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