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Monday, 14 December 2015 10:43

Beauty Of Rakshan Community

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The Rakshan River rises at the Nidoki pass, south-west of Shireza, district Washuk, Balochistan, Pakistan. Under the name of Nag, and running south-westward, it unites with the lop stream at a point to west of Nag-e-Kalat. It then flows west-south-west through the centre of the long valley comprising the Panjgur District, Makran, and parallel with the Siahan Range on the north and Zangi Lak hills on the south.
In Rakshan it possesses little or no water, in Panjgur, however, it expands into a series of bright clear pools (kor joh) connected with each other by small water channels running over a pebbly bed. The banks are here bordered with numerous date palms and most of the water is used for irrigation. To the west of Kallag, the last village in Panjgur is Dabbag, where there are more pools and much long grass, tamarisk and kahur trees in which wild pigs were to be found in the early 20th century.


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