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Macedonia - Integrated Water Resources Management in the Prespa region through participatory processes and dialogue. Albania, Greece and Macedonia haven't always seen eye-to-eye on political issues, but when it comes to the environment they all recognize the importance of teaming up to preserve Lake Prespa, a natural resource that intersects all three countries...

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Uvs Lake is the largest saline lake (3,350 sq. km) in Mongolia and forms unique wetlands in the Great Lakes Depression. Its salinity varies between 3 and 35 g/l. With its reed beds and freshwater river deltas it provides significant nesting and resting areas for numerous migratory species. The shallow lake lies at an altitude of 759 m.

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Mar Chiquita, un humedal excepcional

La laguna Mar Chiquita, en el noreste de la provincia de Córdoba, es el mayor lago de Argentina y el quinto lago salino del mundo. Constituye un área de gran riqueza en biodiversidad y uno de los atractivos turísticos mas importantes del centro de Argentina. Junto con los Bañados del Río Dulce constituyen un humedal de grandes dimensiones (uno de los mayores del mundo) ...

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