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The mission of Bic Basin Council is to rehabilitate and protect the river from its source until the confluence with Dniester river by:

Promoting integrated water resource management

Creating and strengthening effective partnerships between all actors who live in the basin of the river

Eco-TIRAS International Environmental Association of River Keepers is created by environmental NGOs of the Dniester River basin, shared by Moldova and Ukraine, to help and advice authorities and population to manage the river in sustainable way, using Integrated River Basin Management Approach. In present it unites 38 NGOs-members.

The Dniester GIS portal : Interesting interactive map of the Dniester river basin. Includes : water use, water resources, settlement, bioresources, infrastructures, etc...

The UNEP/GRID-Arendal Maps & Graphics Library is an on-going project to collect and catalogue all graphic products that have been prepared for publications and web-sites from the last 15 years in a wide range of themes related to environment and sustainable development.

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