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Indicators on water-related-risks : Baseline Water Stress - Flood Occurrence - Groundwater stress -Upstream Protected Land - Seasonal Variability - Interannual Variability - Upstream Storage (Map developed by www.riversnetwork.org -Source of data : Aqueduct Global Maps 2.1 Data)

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) has released 'Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower Development in the Danube Basin,' which were elaborated with lead support from Austria, Romania and Slovenia with the contribution of many experts in different fields from all Danube basin countries and the European Commission.

Find right here inspiring, informative and exciting teaching material about a very special European river: the Danube. The world’s great rivers are unique: they tie together peoples and civilisations, and they encourage communication and discussion. They have inspired mankind from time immemorial.

Europe’s second longest river, the Danube, originates in the Black forest area of Germany. From here it flows eastwards through central Europe before emptying into the back sea at the Danube delta in Romania. The drainage basin is the most international in the world as it touches 19 counties.

Throughout history, the Danube Basin has played a crucial role in the political, socio-economic and cultural development of Central and South-Eastern Europe. With the on-going enlargement of the European Union, the importance of the Basin continues to grow.

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Welcome to ICPDR website!. Hoping that this website inspires anyone wishing to know more about the environmental issues affecting the Danube river basin. And that it is a good source for everyone interested in ensuring the sustainable development of the most international river basin in the world.

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The DANUBE FLOODRISK project focuses on the most cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction: risk assessment, risk mapping, involvement of stakeholders, risk reduction by adequate spatial planning. Risk reduction in large international river basins can only be achieved through transnational, interdisciplinary and stakeholder oriented approaches within the framework of a joint transnational project.

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