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The Sava River Data Portal

The Sava River is the second largest tributary to the Danube River and is of biological significance due to its outstanding biological and landscape diversity. It hosts the largest complex of alluvial floodplain wetlands in the Danube basin and the largest lowland forests. The Sava is a unique example of a river where the floodplains are still intact, supporting both flood alleviation and biodiversity.
The total length of the Sava from its source to the Danube is 950 km. The Sava River springs in Slovenia and runs through Croatia for 510 km constituting the border with Slovenia for 2 km, and with Bosnia and Herzegovina for 311 km and discharges into the Danube in Serbia. The most important landscape characteristics are found in the central Sava basin with a mosaic of natural floodplains and cultural landscapes formed by traditional land-use patterns typical to the river valleys of Central Europe in the past. The Sava River is considered by nature conservationists and scientists to be one of the “crown jewels” of European nature and has been selected as a focal region in the Pan European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy (PEBLDS) of the Council of Europe.

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