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Nemunas Delta Regional Park

The scenery of the Nemunas delta, with its two main arms, Atmata and Skirvyt?, and the island Rusn?, which they surround, is unique. Water is omnipresent and dominates the landscape: river arms branching out, the big lagoon lake Krok? Lanka and many other small lakes, all interwoven. You can also find ancient river beds, swamps and marshes.
Particularly during the great Spring flood, the regional park makes an unforgettable impression. Your eyes wander limitlessly over enormous flooded delta meadows with many rare water birds. You can enjoy this breathtaking view until June, when the water slowly returns to the river beds. The delta is famous for its large number of rare varieties of breeding birds. It is also an important resting area for migratory birds. In 1993, according to the Ramsar Convention, it was added to the list of internationally important marshlands. The purpose of the regional park is to preserve this uniquely diverse and constantly changing ecosystem.


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