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Wednesday, 08 April 2015 12:18

Baikka Beel Wetlands (Bangladesh)

Baikka Beel is about 100 hectares of wetland in the eastern part of Sreemangal, a tea growing town in Moulvibazar District about 200 km northeast of Dhaka. On 1 July 2003, after a detailed planning process, the Ministry of Land decided to reserve it as a permanent sanctuary. It has since been developed as a safe haven for inland, fresh water fish. Several fish species breed here and re-populate the haor (large natural depression) of which most of them are categorized as 'rare and endangered. It is a beautiful marshland with thousands of lilies and lotus bloom. An observation tower is built for the visitors that facilitate a good view of the beel, its residents and winter birds. It is gradually turning into a research base for biologists especially the wildlife experts and ornithologists from both home and abroad. Tourists visit Baikka beel round the year while the highest influx of tourist is observed in the winter season because the sanctuary is full of birds at that time.

Baikka beel is a conservation initiative supported by local and central government of Bangladesh and managed by a community organization for the benefit of all users of Hail Haor and the nation. The Baragangina Resource Management Organization (RMO) looks after Baikka Beel and has the responsibility to protect the sanctuary and educate the wider community on the need for its conservation and sustainable use. The whole process of establishing the sanctuary and forming the RMO is facilitated by CNRS along with some other partners under MACH (management of aquatic resources through community husbandry) project. Presently, CNRS has been providing logistic, administrative and management support to the RMO under IPAC/USAID project.


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