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Mar Chiquita, un humedal excepcional

La laguna Mar Chiquita, en el noreste de la provincia de Córdoba, es el mayor lago de Argentina y el quinto lago salino del mundo. Constituye un área de gran riqueza en biodiversidad y uno de los atractivos turísticos mas importantes del centro de Argentina. Junto con los Bañados del Río Dulce constituyen un humedal de grandes dimensiones (uno de los mayores del mundo) ...

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The NuJiang River Preservation Project

Welcome to the only web site dedicated to Preservation of the NuJiang (Salween) River of China, its peoples and species. The NuJiang River Preservation Project of China provides economic incentives through ecotourism to achieve effective conservation at the ground level.

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Saving Lake Naivasha

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Lake Naivasha Riparian Association

Lake Naivasha Riparian Association is a charity organization founded in 1929 by land owners bordering the lake under the name the Lake Naivasha Riparian Owners Association with the broad vision of enhancing the ecological integrity of a beautiful, diverse & productive wetland by supporting sustainable development through advocating for wise use of the lakes resources to conserve it for the current and future generations.
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