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Competing for Water - the challenge of local water governance- Nicaragua (Coco river)

In many countries, it is the task of district and other local authorities to authorise and monitor use of water for small-scale irrigation (e.g. a couple of hectares or less) and ensure that small scale irrigation does not conflict with leaving enough water for human and animal consumption. The video illustrates the magnitude and complexity of this task -- a task and a level of water governance which is often grossly neglected if efforts to improve water governance.

Directed, filmed and edited by Sten Rehder in collaboration with Ligia Gómez, Tania Paz and Helle Munk Ravnborg (programme coordinator)

This video is one in a series of three videos that illustrate conclusions coming out of the "Competing for Water" programme. The three video reports can be seen at www.diis.dk/water/videoreports . The Competing for Water programme (diis.dk/?water) is a collaborative research programme which has documented the extent, intensity and nature of water-related conflict and cooperation occurring over a 10-year period in one district in each of the following countries: Bolivia, Mali, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Zambia.

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