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The Sackville Rivers Association (SRA), is a not for profit, registered charitable, volunteer based community group concerned with the health of the Sackville River Watershed and aiming at protecting and where necessary restoring the environment of the Sackville River Watershed, raising awareness about the environment of the Sackville River watershed...

Sustainable landscapes, sustainable peace? While peace and democracy have made advances in Myanmar over the last decade, Kachin state—home to 20% of the Ayeyarwady River Basin—remains blighted by conflict between the state military forces (the Tatmadaw) and the Kachin Independence Army.

Near the summit of the mountain in Kirishima Volcanic Belt and below at its base, the largest intermediate moors of mixed sphagnum bogs formed in the mountainous areas in Japan. Bogatsuru is nestled in a basin between Mt. Mimata and other volcanic mountains, whereas Tadewara is located in alluvial fan.

A vast hypersaline lake with many islands, surrounded by extensive brackish marshes. The lake is fed by rainfall, springs and streams and subject to seasonal variation in level and salinity. The brackish marshes support reeds and large breeding colonies of various waterbirds with large numbers of flamingos (40,000-80,000 pairs), and are an important staging area for migratory waterbirds.

Located in the ancient Arax riverbed in the central part of the country, close to the capital city of Yerevan, this freshwater marsh of semi-artificial origin consists mainly of reed beds fed by an irrigation canal and surrounded by drainage channels. The site is important for over 100 species of migratory waterbirds of which 30 species are breeding here,

La première Réserve de Biosphère au Maroc a vu le jour en 1998. Il s’agit de la Réserve de Biosphère Arganeraie (RBA), qui doit son nom au fait qu’elle a été établie dans la région de l’Arganier, au Sud-ouest du Maroc, où elle couvre environ 2,5 millions d’hectares. La RBA dispose, depuis sa mise en place, d’un plan cadre qui constitue un outil d’orientation de sa mise en œuvre.

The Living Wandle Landscape Partnership Scheme is delivering a series of improvement projects along the river, aimed to help preserve its special heritage and reconnect local communities to it. The natural signature of the Wandle and the Wandle Landscape is unique in London.

Desde que a finales de los 70 apareciera en Toledo el “Equipo de Defensa del Tajo” como primera organización que velara por los valores propios del río Tajo a su paso por Toledo, siempre ha habido en esta ciudad colectivos más o menos organizados que de allá para cuando levantaran la voz en protesta por el trato que se estaba dando al río en su tramo medio, especialmente en el que discurre por la provincia de Toledo. ...

Having roles as a city guardian, cultural features, and irrigation system, Mae Kha Canal was one of the most important components of Chiang Mai water system. Unfortunately, the unregulated growth due to a rapid urbanization since 1985 has caused the canal to suffer with massive amounts of pollution. As a consequence, the city turns its back on the canal, and makes it a dumping site.

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The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) brings together a wide range of people and organizations that are deeply concerned about the resources and environmental quality of the Housatonic River Valley. Together, we protect land and water throughout the entire 2,000-square-mile, tri-state Housatonic Watershed.

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