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The Friends of Patapsco Valley and Heritage Greenway Inc. (FPVHG) is dedicated to preserving , protecting, interpreting and restoring the environment, history and culture of the Valley between Daniels and Elkridge, Maryland. "The Patapsco Heritage Greenway, Inc (PHG) has been working,...

Land in the Mekong Delta, which is shared by Cambodia and Vietnam, is subsiding by between 1 and 4 cm per year as roughly 20 million inhabitants extract groundwater for drinking, agriculture and industry. That’s according to researchers from Stanford University, US, who used calculations and remote sensing to ascertain ground movements across the region.

L´agence du bassin hydraulique du Tensift constitue un espace de concertation au service de l´eau avec mission d'assurer une gestion intégrée et concertée des ressources en eau pour un développement durable du Bassin Hydraulique du Tensift

Le Bassin du Souss Massa a bénéficié d’importants efforts d’aménagement pour la mobilisation des ressources en eau pour les besoins du développement économique, mais se trouve aujourd’hui confronté à une pénurie d’eau due essentiellement à une surexploitation des ressources, aggravée par la conjoncture de sécheresse qui sévit depuis plusieurs années.

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The tsunami that struck Indonesia in 2004 obliterated vast areas of Aceh province. But villagers there are using an innovative microcredit scheme to restore mangrove forests and other coastal ecosystems that will serve as a natural barrier against future killer waves and storms.

The mission of Rogue Riverkeeper is to protect and restore water quality and fish populations in the Rogue River Basin and adjacent coastal watersheds through enforcement, advocacy, field work and community action. Rogue Riverkeeper’s vision is...

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AHSA somos una asociación conservacionista fundada en el año 1995 con el objetivo de promover actividades para la conservación, estudio y divulgación de los valores naturales y paisajísticos de los humedales del sur de Alicante, teniendo como ámbito de actuación tres comarcas ...

Die Hunte mit dem Kanu entdecken von Hunteburg bis Oldenburg. Es ist etwas außergewöhnliches, eine Landschaft vom Wasser aus zu erleben: Mit dem Kanu können Sie die Hunte von Hunteburg bis Oldenburg auf gut 105 Kilometern erfahren. Es erwartet Sie eine Flussstrecke, die sich vorbei an Sandstränden, ...

Brantas River has many functions and potency to support the human welfare. The river ecosystem possesses high biological diversity of natural herbal plants and fishery product that support economic gain of local community. There are hundreds of plants species, more than 100 macroinvertebrate species, ...

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A palavra Comitê, do latim commitere, significa “confiar, entregar, comunicar”. É o termo empregado para dar significado à comissão, à união de pessoas para debate e execução de ações de interesse comum. Bacia hidrográfica é uma área geográfica com diversos cursos de água, ...

Dar a conocer a las autoridades ambientales, a la sociedad y a los empresarios, la destrucción de que ha sido objeto el ecosistema del río San Rodrigo a causa del aprovechamiento anti-sustentable de sus recursos. Pero además, como un reclamo para que las autoridades encargadas de vigilar

"I love the Cape Fear River. Being your RIVERKEEPER® is, for me, a dream come true. I am honored and humbled to be the voice of the river and excited to be a strong advocate for a clean, healthy, and beautiful Cape Fear River".

The St. Johns Riverkeeper mission is to work on behalf of the community for clean and healthy waters in the St. Johns River, its tributaries and its wetlands, through citizen-based advocacy. "We are a privately-funded, independent and trusted voice for the St. Johns River and the public to whom it belongs."

"Our mission is to advocate for the protection, enhancement and restoration of Wisconsin's rivers and watersheds. Our members are urban, rural and retired; anglers, paddlers and lovers of water and some depend on rivers to make a living. Together, our common interest is a shared passion for rivers and the inspiration they bring."

This communication based on the work of Graveline et al. highlights the importance of adopting integrated hydro-economic models to investigate the climate-water nexus and to assess the effects of global changes in terms of water scarcity, salinity and agricultural economics at a regional scale.

The report demonstrates how effective water resources management can support sustainable economic development in sectors such as tourism, health, agriculture and industry while at the same time restoring ecosystem services in accordance with the Russian Water Act and the EU Water Framework Directive.

The Olifants Basin is a principal sub-catchment of the Limpopo River. It rises in the north of South Africa (in the province of Mpumalanga) and flows north-east (through Northern Province) into Mozambique.This note comprises a review of existing data and a brief discussion of the main hydrological issues pertaining to the Olifants catchment.

The Ebro river (85 362 km2 or 17% of Spain) is located in the north-east of Spain and provides an interesting example of the evolution of competences and strategies to manage water in a changing institutional context. The Ebro river crosses nine autonomous regions and is managed by the Spanish government through the Ebro River Basin Authority (RBA).

Welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountain Communities Area Watershed Plan website. Stakeholders of "the Mountain" within Jefferson County formed a 501.C.3, not for profit organization called the Blue Ridge Watershed Coalition. This group was formed to preserve the watershed of the West Virginia Blue Ridge mountains. Current members of the Coalition are interested in inviting new members to join their group.

The Chiswick Pier Trust runs the Chiswick Pier, managing both the residential and visitor mooring facilities and hiring out the hall and conference room. "We support major river events, organise talks about the Thames, and run cruises, while the RNLI, Chiswick Pier Canoe Club, Chiswick Sea Cadets and Thames Explorer Trust are all stationed at the Pier."

The game, produced by a project aiming to improve hydropower decision-making processes in the Mekong, simulates the development of a river basin. Each riverbank is controlled by one ‘player,’ who works to establish agriculture, industry, energy production, and recreational/conservation spaces.

El consejero de Agricultura, Ganadería y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de Aragón, Modesto Lobón, se ha reunido este martes con el secretario de Estado de Medio Ambiente, Federico Ramos, a quien ha solicitado que se elabore un plan integral de descontaminación del río Gállego.

The increased global exposure to climate change disturbances such as droughts and floods has generated a new interest in understanding how communities at different scales cope with those threats.

"Our non-profit organisation based in Maidstone is dedicated to environmental conservation in the boroughs of Maidstone and Tonbridge and Malling. We have 4 key aims to;

*Create, Sustain and Enhance Kent's Landscape & Biodiversity ...

The pressure on water resources has been mounting worldwide with water scarcity becoming a widespread problem in most arid and semiarid regions around the world. Global water extractions have increased from 600 to 3,900 km3 in the last century, which is almost twice the rate of population growth.

The Wye & Usk Foundation (WUF) is a registered charity concerned with ecology and, more specifically, restoring the habitat, water quality and fisheries of the rivers Wye and Usk. The Foundation is more than just a lobbying organisation: through a series of partnership projects, we raise significant sums of money to remedy problems such as habitat degradation, ...

The construction of dams produces a number of social benefits. But, in producing these benefits, dams also alter the natural balance of sediment flow in rivers by impounding sediment within and upstream of the reservoir and discharging clean water downstream...

The Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, was created to administer the new law. The Board is composed of nine members of which six must be local residents or local elected officials from the affected counties (Columbia, Crawford, Dane, Grant, Iowa, Richland and Sauk). The agency administers a system of "performance standards" ...

Since 1958, the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA) has worked in partnership with its ten member municipalities and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). With its head office in Marmora, Ontario, the CVCA operates 13 dams along the Crowe River and its tributaries. The CVCA also maintains a stream flow forecasting center to help reduce the risk of flooding.

In 2000, the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) launched the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership, a groundbreaking effort to connect diverse stakeholders as neighbors and stewards of the watershed. The partnership was integral in developing the TTF Integrated Watershed Management Plan, a blueprint for restoring this urban stream...