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To achieve flood protection in the Maritsa River Basin, Greece and Turkey have been forced to take preventative measures. However, these actions have been taken unilaterally making the Maritsa River Basin an example of poor international and transboundary water management.

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Monday, 13 April 2015 08:27

Xingkai Lake National Nature Reserve

A complex wetland system including grassland, marshes, lakes, and forests, contiguous with Russia to the south across the Songacha River. The site, at the northern end of the large lake, provides important breeding habitat for a number of globally threatened species, including the endangered Grus japonensis,
Published in Ussuri (Wusuli)

"Please feel free to explore our pages, get to know our project and become familiar with our project goals and objectives. We are working to with the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to improve the health of the Kura Ara(k)s River System. This project was implemented between 2011-2014.

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