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Le site de la Durance

Créé en 1976 entre les collectivités riveraines de la Basse-Durance, le SMAVD regroupe 78 communes riveraines de la Durance, les 4 Départements de Vaucluse, Bouches du Rhône, Alpes de Haute Provence et Hautes Alpes, ainsi que la Région PACA. Concessionnaire de la gestion du Domaine Public Fluvial de la Durance depuis 1982, le SMAVD oeuvre essentiellement dans les domaines suivants : ...
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The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) supports stakeholder and public discussion concerning all aspects of Integrated Watershed Management for the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta. NSWA is one of eleven Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) in Alberta.

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In 1997, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Department of Interior formed a unique partnership with the goal of developing a shared approach for managing the Platte River. Water users from the three states and local and national conservation groups joined the effort. Together, these stakeholders developed an innovative approach for improving the management of the Platte — for the health of the ecosystem and the people that depend on it.

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Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project

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Sacramento River Watershed Program

Founded in 1996, the Sacramento River Watershed Program brings together dozens of groups and thousands of people, concerned about the health of the Sacramento River and its watershed. Covering 27,000 square miles from the Oregon border to the Delta, the Sacramento River Watershed covers most of northern California, linking every aspect of life in the region.

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