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Lake Naivasha is an internationally renowned Ramsar site located in the Rift Valley in Kenya. But unlike most other designated wetlands of international importance, the water in Lake Naivasha also anchors a flourishing horticultural industry...
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The Sekong, Sesan and Sre Pok are trans-boundary tributaries of the Mekong. The 3S Rivers, as they are collectively known, support the livelihoods of 3.5 million people living in Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. As the Asian region develops, the 3S rivers continue playing a significant role in the economic growth of the basin.
Thursday, 29 May 2014 01:00

3S Rivers Protection Network (3SPN)

3S Rivers Protection Network (3SPN) is a Cambodian local civil society organization, which was founded in Banlung Town, Ratanakiri Province in 2001 (as the Sesan Protection Network) and registered with the Ministry of Interior (as 3SPN) in 2005. The network was founded as a local coordinating body in the form of a civil society organisation in order to assist dam-affected communities living alongside the Sesan River in Cambodia after serious impacts...

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"Es importante resaltar la acción pacífica que vienen impulsando los actores locales, usando al máximo los diversos mecanismos de diálogo para afrontar este conflicto, ya a puertas de cumplir 5 años. Apelamos a la voluntad y compromiso, por parte de las autoridades nacionales y la empresa, para esta nueva etapa de mantenimiento integral ...
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The Yoshino River flows through Shikoku Island in southeastern Japan. The Yoshino River Basin Management Plan of 1966 was one of the first such efforts in Asia and the Pacific region. It was formulated through consultations held with local stakeholders, including riparian residents in Tokushima on the east of Shikoku Island, upstream residents of Kochi on its southern coast, and transboundary water users in Ehime and Kagawa on its northern side.

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Plans to build a dam on the Yom River of Thailand have caused disputes between water users and communities living in the basin. In 2008, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand, with support from the Asian Development Bank, launched a collaborative integrated water resources management initiative that focused on participatory processes for the management of the Yom River Basin.

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The Mahaweli River Basin covers 10,000 km2, one-sixth of Sri Lanka’s land area. The river supplies water for irrigation and hydropower generation, as well as meeting the water demands of urban and industrial areas in the basin.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 08:31

Water Dialogue in the Tana Delta

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Monday, 10 December 2012 14:19

Participatory science in the Tana Delta

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The Jordan River is unique in its natural and cultural wealth, but is threatened by excessive water diversion and pollution, treated as a backyard dumping ground Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) has recently embarked on a broad campaign to raise awareness of the demise of the Lower Jordan River. Since much of the river is a closed military zone and off limits to the public, most people simply do not know that the river is drying up.

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The Nile Basin Discourse Forum in Rwanda (NBDF) was launched in June 2003 by the former Minister of State in charge of Water and Mines, Professor MUNYANGANIZI Bikoro, during the workshop-Seminar on the role of the Civil Society in the process of the Nile Basin Initiative.
Monday, 30 April 2012 02:22

UNDP Ukraine Water Resources

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Le Contrat de rivière Haute-Meuse est une démarche participative ayant pour objectif une gestion intégrée des cours d’eau, du milieu rivulaire et des ressources en eau à l’échelle des bassins versants. Projet évolutif structuré autour d’un Comité de rivière, de 8 Comités locaux de concertation et d’une Cellule de coordination, le « CRHM » se veut être une plate-forme d’information...
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Wild Rivers Act criticised for complexity...

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The Future Okavango

Scientific support for sustainable land and resource management in the Okavango basin. The Okavango basin with its variety of savannah woodlands and wetland ecosystems linked by the central lifeline of the Okavango River is a global hot-spot of accelerating change and land use conflicts.

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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 00:00

Upper Etowah River Alliance

The Upper Etowah River Alliance (UERA) is a community-based watershed protection group that works in the Etowah basin upstream of Lake Allatoona. We formed in 1997 to provide regional leadership to promote watershed protection strategies across the five Upper Etowah counties (Cherokee, Forsyth, Pickens, Dawson and Lumpkin). Our membership is made up of a diverse group of stakeholders.

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L’eau, depuis longtemps, est devenue une affaire technique. Déjà les puits ou le moulin à eau d’autrefois étaient des outils demandant des connaissances spécifiques et des savoir-faire élaborés. En ville, cela fait longtemps que l’on ne boit plus l’eau à la source. L’eau potable que nous usons quotidiennement nécessite le recours à diverses technologies pour la capter, la potabiliser, l’acheminer et la restituer au milieu naturel.

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Welcome to the Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Northwest Skeena Communities project website. This is a 2 year project, which began in December 2009 and is funded through the Future Forest Ecosystem Scientific Council. The project is led by Coast Tsimishian Resources, LP and Brinkman Forest, with the support of an interdisciplinary team of researchers and advisors.

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The consensus building approach used in this visioning process established multiple priorities aimed to achieve and maintain a healthy Conewago Creek Watershed.

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Sunday, 09 October 2011 00:50

The Great Lakes Commission

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Vision :

A healthy, vibrant Great Lakes- St. Lawrence River region that exemplifies our shared ideals of environmental quality, economic growth, and stewardship for current and future generations.he Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River ecosystem is an unequalled natural treasure.

Créé par arrêté préfectoral le 23 décembre 2002, le Syndicat Mixte d'Aménagement Hydraulique du Bassin Versant de la Somme (AMEVA) est aujourd’hui constitué de 79 Communes isolées, 22 EPCI, 12 Associations syndicales de propriétaires riverains, du Conseil général de la Somme et du Conseil général de l’Aisne.

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Saturday, 24 September 2011 07:17

Comisión Trinacional del Plan Trifinio

La Comisión Trinacional del Plan Trifinio CTPT, es el ente encargado de tutelar la ejecución del Plan Trifinio y de su permanente actualización. Está conformada por los Vicepresidentes de El Salvador y Guatemala y un Designado a la Presidencia de Honduras. VIDEO available by clicking "read more"
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The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, ICIMOD, is a regional intergovernmental learning and knowledge sharing centre serving the eight regional member countries of the Hindu Kush Himalayas – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan – and based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Globalisation and climate change have an increasing influence ...

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The Bang Pakong river is characterised by rather abundant rainfall, very limited runoff during the dry season, a small potential for storing water, large areas of irrigated land and aquaculture, hubs of industrialization, difficulties to manage and prevent sea water intrusion, and water resources planning and management processes largely left to the discretion of the Royal irrigation Department.

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Center for River Basin Organizations and Management (CRBOM) has recently been established by Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia, as a member of the Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF) network of regional knowledge hubs. The Centre is located in Solo, Central Java, together with several agencies involved in river basin management and river engineering.

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Monday, 19 September 2011 09:10

Upper Mustang Watershed Management Project

The unique characteristics of Trans Himalayan biodiversity has added more glory to Upper Mustang. Due to the deteriorating pasturelands, the project has initiated various experiments so as to preserve the biodiversity in perpetuity. The conservation knowledge to everyone is a must in each and every aspect of conservation initiative.

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In the midst of eight years of drought, the seven states of the Colorado River Basin have agreed in 2007 to new rules to share and conserve scarce water in the region without resorting to lawsuits. The states — California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming — share the 1,450-mile river's water under a 1922 compact...Patricia Mulroy, Chairman of Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)make a speech at the 2010 American Water Summit...

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Sunday, 18 September 2011 00:00

Zambezi River Basin Initiative (ZRBI)

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The project focuses on building communities capacities and resilience to cope with the challenges related to flooding and general poverty in the Districts along the Zambezi River. This projects looks at capacity building for the local Red Cross Branches to facilitate their work and support to communities. Consequently communities are also supported in a variety of activities to improve livelihoods in the sectors of Water supply and sanitation, Health and Agriculture.

The Sbou river is the second largest river in Morocco, running from its Wadi Guigou source in the Middle Atlas mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. the Sebou River provides water to the country's most fertile region, the Gharb. On its way to the Atlantic, the river suffers from pollution from the citiesit runs through, like the imperial city of Fes, and much of its water is used for irrigation such as in the Gharb.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011 00:00

Upper Wabash River Basin Commission (UWRBC)

Wabash River Basin Commission (UWRBC) was enacted by the State Legislature in 2001 by House Bill 2119, under IC 14-30-4. It was established as a separate municipal corporation, which includes the area located in Adams, Huntington, Jay, and Wells counties that is drained by the Wabash River, including the tributaries of the Wabash River.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 20:03

Savannah River Basin Partnership

Welcome to the Savannah River Basin Partnership home page. The water resources of the Savannah Basin are a valuable natural resource essential to the citizens of South Carolina and Georgia. Water in the basin is used for drinking, recreation, commercial and industrial needs, and agriculture, and is vital for the existence of fish and wildlife.

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Saturday, 10 September 2011 09:43

Mekong Water Dialogues

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Thursday, 08 September 2011 02:43

Lack of Fish in Tonle Sap

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Thursday, 08 September 2011 00:00

Saving Cambodia's Tonle Sap

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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 00:00

Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council

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The Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council is an Indigenous grassroots organization, consisting of 70 First Nations and Tribes, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Yukon River Watershed. The YRITWC accomplishes this by providing Yukon First Nations and Alaska Tribes...

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View more presentations from Global Water Partnership

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Friday, 02 September 2011 00:53

Pangani Basin Water Board

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Pangani Basin Water Board (PBWB) was established in July, 1991 in accordance with the Water Utilization (Control and Regulation) Act No. 42 of 1974 and its subsequent amendments. But the former Act has been repealed with recently Water Resources Management Act No. 11 of 2009. The Head Office of the Basin is located in Moshi Municipality in Kilimanjaro Region. The two other offices are situated in Arusha and Tanga.

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Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:40

Davao Water Partnership

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The HELP Davao Network is committed to engaging a full spectrum of water stakeholders to work collectively for management of water for all. Formed in 2004, our efforts have focused on ensuring decision key stakeholders have had access to sound science that can better inform complex decisions and hard choices in relation to the management and wise use of water.

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Monday, 29 August 2011 14:20

Yellow River Blues


Thursday, 25 August 2011 00:00

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)

Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) is a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli environmentalists. FoEME is a recipient of the 2009 SKOLL Award for Social Entrepreneurship and the 2008 TIME Magazine's Heroes of the Environment...

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The Timok River originates north of the Svrljig Mountains in the Carpathian-Balkan region in eastern Serbia. Almost the entire river basin (98 percent) is located in Serbia, covering an area of 4,607 km2, and the remaining 2 percent (93 km2) is in Bulgaria. The Timok River is an internationally significant waterway: the lower 17.5 km of the river forms a border between Serbia and Bulgaria, and the Timok flows into the Danube at a point common to the frontiers of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania...
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 00:00

Limpopo River Awareness Kit (RAK)

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The Limpopo River Awareness Kit (RAK) is an information and knowledge management tool for the Limpopo River basin, to supportcapacity development and the sustainable management of the environment and resources within the basin

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 00:00

Nile Basin Initiative

The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to equitable and sustainable management and development of the shared water resources of the Nile Basin. NBI Member States include Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Eritrea is as an observer.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 08:40

Río Coco o Wangki RAAN Nicaragua manfut

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National Geographic is inviting scientists, community leaders, water managers, conservationists, and activists to share the lessons they’ve earned from the field—and the innovative solutions they’ve found.

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Thursday, 09 June 2011 01:42

The 4Ps area - Summary of Basin Profile

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Sunday, 15 May 2011 00:00

Cunene (Kunene) River Awareness Kit

The Kunene River basin, located in the western part of southern Africa encompasses portions of southern Angola and northern Namibia. The basin is characterised by diverse climate patterns with abundant precipitation in the upper and water scarcity in the lower basin, as well as a significant but controversially discussed hydroelectric potential, and a transboundary management setting.
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