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"Es importante resaltar la acción pacífica que vienen impulsando los actores locales, usando al máximo los diversos mecanismos de diálogo para afrontar este conflicto, ya a puertas de cumplir 5 años. Apelamos a la voluntad y compromiso, por parte de las autoridades nacionales y la empresa, para esta nueva etapa de mantenimiento integral ...
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The Yoshino River flows through Shikoku Island in southeastern Japan. The Yoshino River Basin Management Plan of 1966 was one of the first such efforts in Asia and the Pacific region. It was formulated through consultations held with local stakeholders, including riparian residents in Tokushima on the east of Shikoku Island, upstream residents of Kochi on its southern coast, and transboundary water users in Ehime and Kagawa on its northern side.

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Plans to build a dam on the Yom River of Thailand have caused disputes between water users and communities living in the basin. In 2008, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand, with support from the Asian Development Bank, launched a collaborative integrated water resources management initiative that focused on participatory processes for the management of the Yom River Basin.

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The Mahaweli River Basin covers 10,000 km2, one-sixth of Sri Lanka’s land area. The river supplies water for irrigation and hydropower generation, as well as meeting the water demands of urban and industrial areas in the basin.

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Participatory science in the Tana Delta

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