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Saturday, 12 September 2015 05:32

Surinsar-Mansar Lakes (Ramsar)

Wildlife Sanctuary, Hindu sacred site. Freshwater composite lake in semi-arid Panjab Plains, adjoining the Jhelum Basin with catchment of sandy conglomeratic soil, boulders and pebbles. Surinsar is rain-fed without permanent discharge, and Mansar is primarily fed by surface run-off and partially by mineralised water through paddy fields,
Published in Chenab
Monday, 20 July 2015 14:59

Nguru Lake (and Marma Channel) complex

A sahelian floodplain and lake which qualifies under the representative Criterion (embodying all of the diverse flora and fauna of both the Sahel and Sudan), the 20,000 waterfowl Criterion for at least three species (Philomachus pugnax, Anas querquedula, and Dendrocygna viduata), and the fish Criteria ...
Published in Benue (Benoue)
Wednesday, 08 July 2015 18:50

Humedales de Península Valdés

La importancia de estos humedales se basa en su calidad como sustento trófico de diferentes especies de aves marinas (tanto residentes como migratorias) y de playeras migratorias, que hacen aquí su parada durante sus desplazamientos anuales. Los sitios de parada son muy importantes durante un período del ciclo vital de las aves playeras,...
Published in Chubut
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