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Conducting climate, water, and decision research and developing innovative tools to bridge the boundary between scientists and decision makers and put our work into the hands of those whose concern is for the sustainable future of Greater Phoenix.

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Monday, 06 January 2014 15:21

everydropmatters : Lake Baikal Project

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This project focused on the threats to Baikal’s water resources from unregulated tourism and municipal wastes. Local coastal communities and tourists are among the main direct users of the Baikal freshwater resources. A lack of awareness, knowledge and financing at the local level in relation to sustainable water use has put serious pressure on the lake. Unregulated tourism is also a growing threat, ...
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Friday, 23 August 2013 12:49

Big Pine Watershed

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"Protect the Flows is a network of over 800 businesses who depend on a healthy Colorado River for our bottom lines. We own and operate businesses in communities along the Colorado River and its tributaries in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. The economic future of the west is tied to a Colorado River that flows strong and beckons people to communities along its banks for recreation and tourism."
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Water Hub

From Guardian Sustainable Business Water is the oil of the 21st century. The more water resources continue to deplete along the Red River, the fiercer the fight over who has access...

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The Indus rises on the Tibetan plateau in the Himalayas and runs down through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. Along its way it feeds the largest connected irrigation system in the world, covering more than 18 million hectares of farmland. It also powers four major hydropower facilities, upstream of the farming areas. While other countries often have mixed priorities for their water, Pakistan has always been clear. The Indus is for irrigation. Hydropower is a secondary concern...
Saturday, 11 May 2013 02:19

Fight to save Naree wetlands

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Friday, 08 March 2013 06:01

Rio Grande Basin Roundtable

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David and Goliath: Texas v. New Mexico. Can a Court Create Water?

Water in the Rio Grande Basin is currently over appropriated (and has been since the 1890s). All of the waters of the Rio Grande and Conejos River and their tributaries are subject to the terms of the Rio Grande Compact. The Valley’s groundwater resources have been over drafted and the areas face depleted groundwater levels throughout much of the basin.

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Friday, 09 November 2012 16:03

Mono Lake Committee

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The Mono Lake Committee is a non-profit citizens' group dedicated to protecting and restoring the Mono Basin ecosystem, educating the public about Mono Lake and the impacts on the environment of excessive water use, and promoting cooperative solutions that protect Mono Lake and meet real water needs without transferring environmental problems to other areas.

Macquarie River Food & Fibre is the peak industry group for irrigated agriculture in the Macquarie Valley, Central West NSW. We are a non-profit, non-political organisation supporting our members to achieve a sustainable irrigation industry that meets the environmental, economic and social needs of our local communities.

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How do you promote better management of water from a reservoir that provides services to two independently managed, and rapidly growing, provinces?

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The overarching goal of SuMaRiO is to support oasis management along the Tarim River under conditions of climatic and societal changes. A main result envisaged is to develop an indicator-based Decision Support System (DSS) that allows a Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) within regional planning. This SIA will take into account the perspectives of all relevant actors and consider relevant Ecosystem Services (ESS) ...

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About two million people across four states live in the Murray-Darling Basin.Covering more than one million square kilometres, the Basin generates more than 40 per cent of the gross value of Australian agricultural production and includes natural features and places of high environmental and cultural value. The Basin is under enormous stress due to past water-allocation decisions, prolonged drought, and climate change.

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Living Labs: Limpopo River Basin

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The Bagmati River is the largest river in the capital city of Kathmandu Valley which comprises 57 rivers and rivulets as its tributaries. It originates from Bagdwar, bifurcates Kathmandu valley in to two parts and crosses the valley at Chovar. Threr are so many shrines and cemeteries located in its bank. Gokarneshwar, Guheshwari and Pashupatinath temples.

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In the midst of eight years of drought, the seven states of the Colorado River Basin have agreed in 2007 to new rules to share and conserve scarce water in the region without resorting to lawsuits. The states — California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming — share the 1,450-mile river's water under a 1922 compact...Patricia Mulroy, Chairman of Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)make a speech at the 2010 American Water Summit...

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Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:40

Davao Water Partnership

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The HELP Davao Network is committed to engaging a full spectrum of water stakeholders to work collectively for management of water for all. Formed in 2004, our efforts have focused on ensuring decision key stakeholders have had access to sound science that can better inform complex decisions and hard choices in relation to the management and wise use of water.

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