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Saturday, 24 November 2012 00:00

Mekong (trailer)

The film examines the issues of hydropower development and its impact on Mekong citizens’ lives...

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Published in _Mekong Global
Friday, 26 October 2012 00:00

Mekong: Watch that river!

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By international standards fresh water in New Zealand is both abundant and clean.

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“The challenge and the opportunity here are the same—to manage this vibrant ecosystem and its rich natural resources as a complete, interconnected whole.”

Carter Roberts

WWF President and CEO

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Website of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine.

Nine states – one river basin.

For the benefit of the Rhine and of all of its tributaries...

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The Volta basin has many types of dam and reservoir, providing different services to a variety of first and next beneficiaries. The first beneficiary is the operator who receives income from selling the services or licenses to access the services of the reservoir.
Published in Volta (Nakambe)
Tuesday, 28 May 2013 14:28

Our Athabasca - A River Story

Published in Athabasca
Wednesday, 14 September 2011 15:33

Paraguaçu, rio extenso, soberbo e lendário

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Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation is an international non-profit institute, which works to promote balanced development of border areas, especially in Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe region. The original "Lake Peipsi Project" was begun in 1993 as an informal organization whose primary focus was research into environmental issues facing the border between Estonia and Russia.

Published in Lower Narva

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Seminar organised by World Bank (WB) and South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI). The objective of the seminar is to demonstrate how development partners are joining together to improve regional cooperation on international waters by focusing resources, attention, and analysis on a particular river basin: the Ganges Basin. It targets high level government officials and development partners ...

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"Protect the Flows is a network of over 800 businesses who depend on a healthy Colorado River for our bottom lines. We own and operate businesses in communities along the Colorado River and its tributaries in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. The economic future of the west is tied to a Colorado River that flows strong and beckons people to communities along its banks for recreation and tourism."
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The Pungwe River flows from the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe into Mozambique and drains into the Indian Ocean. The river basin, with its abundant water resources, offers considerable potential for economic grow.
Published in Pungoe (Pungwe)
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 00:00

Red River Basin Organisation

The Red River Basin Organization (RRBO) is a non-profit body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Viet Nam. The RRBO was established on April 9 2001 according to the Decision No. 39/2001 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. Dr. Pham Hong Giang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development is Chairman of the RRBO.

Published in Hong (Red River)

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The present condition of the riverine ecosystems of the Colorado River system, including its National Parks, results from natural processes and from human water management systems. The future condition of these riverine ecosystems will likely be strongly affected by future climate change, but ecosystem condition will also be determined by how human society responds to the stresses of climate change through changes in water diversions and the operation of existing dams.

Published in Yampa

The Ruvuma River is the natural boundary between Mozambique and Tanzania covering a distance of 650 km from the Lake Niassa to the coast and has a total length of about 760 km. The entire area of the Ruvuma River basin amounts to 152,200 square-km of which about 65% are located in Mozambique, 34% are in Tanzania, and only 0.3% within Malawi.

Published in Ruvuma

SADC- Regional Strategic Action Plan on Integrated Water Resources Development and Management (2011-2015)

(pdf document)

Southern Africa is characterised by high levels of water insecurity. Close to 100 million people in the region do not have access to safe drinking water and nearly 155 million do not have access to improved sanitation on facilies.

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The Salween river basin is more than twice the size of England, the 2nd largest river basin in southeast Asia and one of the last free-flowing international rivers in Asia.

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The Save/Sabi River rises as the Sabi south of Harare and flows southeast from the Zimbabwean highveld to its confluence with the Odzi. It then turns south, drops over the Chivirira Falls, and is joined by the Lundi at the Mozambique border. The river continues as the Save, following an east-northeasterly course to its mouth near Mambone on the Mozambique Channel of the Indian Ocean.

Published in Save
Friday, 28 October 2011 03:54

Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

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“Cultivate a sustainable future from a sustainable environment rooted in culture and a wild salmon ecosystem.” The Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition was founded in 2004 by a diverse group of people living and working in the Skeena river watershed. Our board of directors and membership reflects the broad interests of the people in this region.
Published in Skeena

A River Basin Management Plan of the Sava river basin is under development, the first attempt in the Southern European region to draft a River Basin Management Plan according to the EU Water Framework Directive. GWP Mediterranean and GWP Central and Eastern Europe have significantly contributed to the stakeholder involvement process related to development of the Plan.
Published in Sava
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Published in Omo - Lake Turkana
Thursday, 26 January 2012 01:27

Sustainable Silicon Valley

SSV is leading Silicon Valley to a more sustainable future through collaboration with local government agencies, businesses, and community organizations to identify and address these highest-priority environmental issues. We do this by engaging prominent Valley organizations to proactively work toward self-imposed goals of reducing regional CO2 emissions and water use – and helping them translate those goals into measurable results.

Published in San Francisco Bay

The Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP) is a small and agile group of professionals committed to creating healthy coastal environments for the country and region. We view our organization as a catalyst for effective and sustainable changes that both safeguard valuable natural resource assets...

Published in Wami

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The Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP) is a small and agile group of professionals committed to creating healthy coastal environments for the country and region. We view our organization as a catalyst for effective and sustainable changes that both safeguard valuable natural resource assets...

Published in Tanzanian Coast
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 00:00

The Atlas of Loktak

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Sustainable Development and Water Resources Management of Loktak Lake - Language(s): English , Author(s): C.L. Trisal and Th. Manihar - The goal of Sustainable Development and Water Resources Management of Loktak Lake is to improve water management of the lake and sustain its resources for the benefit of the local communities on a long-term basis.
Published in Chindwin

In the midst of eight years of drought, the seven states of the Colorado River Basin have agreed in 2007 to new rules to share and conserve scarce water in the region without resorting to lawsuits. The states — California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming — share the 1,450-mile river's water under a 1922 compact...Patricia Mulroy, Chairman of Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA)make a speech at the 2010 American Water Summit...

Published in _Colorado river Global
Monday, 08 October 2012 05:00

The Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA)

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The Fitzroy Basin Association Inc. (FBA) is a community-based organisation that works to protect natural assets, improve adoption of modern and environmentally-friendly land management practices, and promote sustainable development.

Published in Fitzroy
Sunday, 09 October 2011 00:50

The Great Lakes Commission

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Vision :

A healthy, vibrant Great Lakes- St. Lawrence River region that exemplifies our shared ideals of environmental quality, economic growth, and stewardship for current and future generations.he Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River ecosystem is an unequalled natural treasure.

OKACOM’s permanent secretariat provides a repository for the Commission’s accumulated knowledge – records of its deliberations and consultations, products of the research it supports and information it needs to support decision making. Some of these resources are made available here.

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In 1997, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and the Department of Interior formed a unique partnership with the goal of developing a shared approach for managing the Platte River. Water users from the three states and local and national conservation groups joined the effort. Together, these stakeholders developed an innovative approach for improving the management of the Platte — for the health of the ecosystem and the people that depend on it.

Published in Platte

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:45

The Siuslaw Institute

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The Siuslaw Institute, Inc, was founded in 1994 as a locally-based, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the “sustainable improvement of community and habitat in the Coast Range of Oregon, particularly in the Siuslaw River Basin.” In 2004, the Siuslaw Basin Partnership won the Thiess International Riverprize and was encouraged by the International Riverfoundation to "twin" with another country to share expertise in restoring waterways. Other interesting links on the same topic by clicking on "read more".

Published in _Columbia river
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 01:50

The UNEP/GEF Volta River Basin Project

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The UNEP/GEF Volta River Basin Project for “Addressing Transboundary Concerns in the Volta River Basin and its Downstream Coastal Area” is a regional initiative designed to facilitate the integrated management, sustainable development and protection of natural resources of the Volta River Basin within the six riparian countries of Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Togo.
Published in Volta (Nakambe)

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Almost 40 years ago, Revelle and Lakshminarayana (1975) coined the term “Ganges Water Machine” trying to find a solution to the fundamental problem of land and water development in the Ganges, where 80% of the monsoon-driven river flow occurs during 4 months from July to October. The dry-season flow of the Ganges in the 1970s was already barely sufficient for irrigation needs of India and Bangladesh, ...

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The overarching goal of SuMaRiO is to support oasis management along the Tarim River under conditions of climatic and societal changes. A main result envisaged is to develop an indicator-based Decision Support System (DSS) that allows a Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) within regional planning. This SIA will take into account the perspectives of all relevant actors and consider relevant Ecosystem Services (ESS) ...

Published in Tarim He

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Rising in the dense rainforested slopes of the Great Diving Range, the Wenlock traverses Cape York north-westwards through savanna country before spilling out into the Gulf of Carpentaria at Port Musgrave just north of Mapoon.
Published in North West Watersheds

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Published in Verde

The Yoshino River flows through Shikoku Island in southeastern Japan. The Yoshino River Basin Management Plan of 1966 was one of the first such efforts in Asia and the Pacific region. It was formulated through consultations held with local stakeholders, including riparian residents in Tokushima on the east of Shikoku Island, upstream residents of Kochi on its southern coast, and transboundary water users in Ehime and Kagawa on its northern side.

Published in Yoshino-gawa

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