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Thank you for your interest in Tongariro National Park and in our work in support of this special dual World Heritage site. Project Tongariro (Tongariro Natural History Society Inc) was established to promote a wider understanding of the natural processes and human history of Tongariro National Park.
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Fishing and shellfish gathering have sustained human life in the 5,000 km2 property, which is formed by the arms of three rivers. The site comprises brackish channels encompassing over 200 islands and islets, mangrove forest, an Atlantic marine environment, and dry forest.

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One of the largest protected areas in West Africa, this park is characterized by its great plant diversity. Due to the presence of the Comoé river, it contains plants which are normally only found much farther south, such as shrub savannahs and patches of thick rainforest.

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The Falls of Iguacu (BBC Natural World)

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