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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 02:33

Danube Delta, Romania

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Click on "read more" for flying around on Google Earth..

Danube Delta - a unique region in Europe - where one still may find, at least in certain places, untouched wild nature, unaltered by civilization. UNESCO site since 1996 and "Landscape Of The Year 2007 - 2009", the Danube Delta is THE PLACE where you go once to remain with the desire to return. Spring and autumn are excellent for photographers - weather is not to warm, birds and other animals may be seen everywhere, even if these are not always easy to photograph. And evening may reveal beautiful landscapes in sunset warm light. (Cristi Alexe, fpix.eu - Danube Delta Photo Tour)

A slideshow with pictures from the Danube Delta Photo Tour 22-27 May 2009. Soundtrack: Enya - May it Be, Enya - Wild Child.


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