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Saturday, 28 January 2012 00:00

Danube Floodrisk Project

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The DANUBE FLOODRISK project focuses on the most cost-effective measures for flood risk reduction: risk assessment, risk mapping, involvement of stakeholders, risk reduction by adequate spatial planning. Risk reduction in large international river basins can only be achieved through transnational, interdisciplinary and stakeholder oriented approaches within the framework of a joint transnational project.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014 00:00

Flood Early Warning Systems

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Saturday, 28 January 2012 23:27

Flood Issues - Schelde River Basin (FLOODsite)

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The Schelde Estuary pilot study area covers the tidally influenced part of the River Schelde (or Scheldt). The river flows from France through Belgium (Zeeschelde) until it reaches the Westerschelde in the Netherlands. The overall purpose of the pilot study was to develop and test FLOODsite methodologies and tools on the Schelde Estuary.

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Pilot study in the Tisza River Basin to test various methodologies from other FLOODsite tasks in order to develop sustainable flood management strategies for the pilot study area. The pilot study covered a 125 km2 area along the right bank of the River Tisza, downstream the city of Szolnok in Hungary.

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This brochure describes the flood warning system operated by the Australian Government, Bureau of Meteorology for the Burdekin River. It includes reference information which will be useful for understanding Flood Warnings and River Height Bulletins issued by the Bureau's Flood Warning Centre during periods of high rainfall and flooding.
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Horizons Regional Council manages the land, air, and water for the communities it serves.Horizons keeps on top of their game, they are the first to responds to risk from natural and man-made hazards throughout the Region. The key role is to identify potential hazards and risks to people, property, infrastructure, environment and the economy.

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WMO - GWP, October 2004 Edited by TECHNICAL SUPPORT UNIT, Dr. Klaus Wilke

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Friday, 11 November 2011 03:50

Irish Flood Warning Service

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Welcome to Irish Flood Warning : The first Irish live online Flood Warning System; in the future this site will be used by individuals and businesses throughout Ireland to view current river levels and rainfall.

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In the 1990’s the Dutch river area twice suffered from extreme high waters. In 1995, the water level was so high that the dikes were in danger of being breached. Predictions from climate change and ongoing soil subsidence demonstrated the need for a new approach in flood protection in the Netherlands. In 2000, the old policy of raising dikes was abandoned in favour of the new policy ‘Room for the River’.

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The Lower Kinabatangan region is rich in biodiversity, with waterlogged and dry forests, saline and freshwater swamps, and limestone forests. It has around 1,000 plant species and 50 mammal species, including primates, many endemic to the region.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011 00:00

Susquehanna Flood Forecast and Warning System

The Susquehanna River Basin – from Cooperstown, N.Y., to the Chesapeake Bay – is one of the nation's most flood-prone watersheds, experiencing on average $150 million in damages each year. The Susquehanna system provides for early flood warnings to help save lives and reduce property damages.

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Tuesday, 01 November 2011 10:20

Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC)

To regulate the Yellow River, which spans nine Chinese provinces, the Yellow River Conservancy Commission selected a System Platform solution from Wonderware.

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