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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:00

Taku: Our Land is Our Future

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The Songhua River Basin is the third largest river basin in the People’s Republic of China. Almost the entire northeast of the country lies within this basin. The Songhua is also one of the China’s four most polluted rivers, suffering until recently from untreated urban wastewater, industrial wastewater and agricultural non-point sources.

The Brantas basin in East Java supplies water to about 16 million users, but suffers from poor water quality due to rapid population growth and industrialization.

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The lower part of the Dong Nai River supplies water to Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces and feeds a hydropower plant in the Tri An reservoir, but has been polluted by wastewater runoff from agriculture, aquaculture, industry and built-up areas (Ha et al. 2008).

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Saturday, 06 July 2013 02:45

Protect the Peel River Watershed

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 14:28

Our Athabasca - A River Story

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 12:39

Fraser River: Running Free

Fraser River: Running Free from Chris Linder on Vimeo.

The Fraser River watershed, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia, includes the rain-soaked peaks of the Coast Range, the Canadian Rockies, and the dry sagebrush prairie ecosystem in between...

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The Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program (RAMP) website provides access to a wide range of information related to the program. RAMP is an industry-funded, multi-stakeholder environmental monitoring program initiated in 1997. The intent of RAMP is to integrate aquatic monitoring activities across different components of the aquatic environment, different geographical locations, ...

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The Timok River originates north of the Svrljig Mountains in the Carpathian-Balkan region in eastern Serbia. Almost the entire river basin (98 percent) is located in Serbia, covering an area of 4,607 km2, and the remaining 2 percent (93 km2) is in Bulgaria. The Timok River is an internationally significant waterway: the lower 17.5 km of the river forms a border between Serbia and Bulgaria, and the Timok flows into the Danube at a point common to the frontiers of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania...
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